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WELCOME to Assessor! The official online assessment platform of the AltanaESP Network of Services.

Assessor is specifically developed using technologies to allow clientsIndividuals registered with and/or making use of different services offered within the AltanaESP Network of Services. (i.e. registered users) to conduct assessment runsCompleting and submitting one or more assessment instruments. when and whenever they find it most convenient.

Advantages when making use of the Assessor platform can briefly be indicated as follows...

  • The Assessor is on "duty 24/7/365", allowing each individual to complete and submit assessment runs any day of the week, at a time that suits them the best.
  • Assessment runs are specifically, designed, individualised and customisedCompiled and made available under the watchful eye, guidance and advice of a well trained facilitator, career or life coach. for each client to obtain the necessary data and collect information best suited to understand the dynamics of and to address the obstacles that the individual experience contextual to his/her Umwelt.
  • Assessment runs can be paused (i.e. taking a break) and resume at a later stage. When resuming with the assessment run, the individual continue with the assessment run from the last question completed and submitted.
  • Greater reliability of assessments results, because - generally - individuals are inclined to be more focused and take greater care when answering questions, mainly as a result of being able to select a day/time that they feel "ready" and most comfortable with to conduct the assessment run.
  • Assessments can be completed more than once. When an individual feels or is of the opinion that an assessment run already submitted really isn't a true reflectionFor example... the assessment run was conducted and submitted on a day that you were terribly upset, which might or could have an unfavourable impact on the validity of your assessment results. of him/her, his/her circumstances or abilities, s/he is more than welcome to re-do and submit an "updated" assessment run in consultation with the supervisory facilitator or coach.

Existing Users: Before you login, please update your personal and contact information, if there were any changes since your last assessment run was conducted.

New Users: Please register for an Assessor Account to gain access to various assessment instruments available on the Assessor assessment platform.

Any Questions?

Please visit the Assessor FAQ section (opens in new tab). When you are unable to find a satisfactory answer to your question, please open and submit a ticket - with your question - here.