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About Assessor

Assessor is the electronic assessment support platform for the AltanaESP Network of Services.

Assessor was developed, is maintained and under the control of the South African Society for Career Orientation and Educational Cybernetics (SASCEC) a private and independent company that conduct operational research (since 1981), develops and compile various electronic assessment instruments which is made available for use on the Assessor online and electronic assessment platform.
Copyright of all the assessment instruments, assessment batteries and/or assessment procedures belongs exclusively to SASCEC. The assessment instruments and batteries are made available for use at the discretion of any registered person on the Assessor assessment platform.

However, SASCEC reserved the right to immediately revoke registration, user accounts and prevent access to any or all materials on the Assessor website, when any assessment instruments, batteries, processes, results and/or materials are either misused and/or deployed inappropriately.

When you notice or are aware of any inappropriate assessment practices by individuals and/or companies using the Assessor website, please inform us accordingly, by opening and submitting a ticket on the AltanaWatchdog website.

Assessor is a web-based application for displaying, delivering, scoring and monitoring Assessment Instruments for the AltanaESP Network of Services. It is primarily designed to meet the requirements of web-based self testing as a precursor for individualized, reliable and valid specialist feedbacks.

Some technological literacy and understanding is handy, but no programming skills, PHP or HTML knowledge and abilities are required to either create and/or use the assessments instruments available on the Assessor website.

All assessment instruments developed for and available on the Assessor website, adhere to the a particular assessment methodology context and key assessment principles.

Should you experience any problems with or find that Assessor assessment instruments are used inappropriately, please open and submit a ticket at AltanaWatchdog to report the issue.

The Assessor Platform

Assessor is build and structured using testMaker an open-source application developed by the Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology of Prof. Dr. Lutz F. Hornke at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Which is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 2) as published by the Free Software Foundation. You can download the latest Version of testMaker from SourceForge.

For more information, please visit the project website. You can contact the testMaker project team via e-mail.

Installed version

This is testMaker 3.5.

Developement of testMaker

The following people have made substantial contributions to shape testMaker into what it is today:

Felix Buse, André Couturier, Ralph Delzepich, Peter Faltin, David Haase, Verena Hartweg, Dennis Kehrig, Jan Krüger, Annika Milbradt, Thomas Münzer, Felix Ostrowski, Janina Pfeiffer, Patrick Wallukat, Alexander Zimmerhofer.

Reference for citations:

Milbradt, A.; Zimmerhofer, A. & Hornke, L. F. (2007-2018). testMaker - a computer software for web-based assessments. RWTH Aachen University, Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.