The learning material and contents provided by the AltanaESP Network & System, frequently make use of terms and concepts that aren't all that familiar to most people. This glossary - AltanaESP Terms and Concepts - is a collection of the constructs (i.e. words, terms & concepts) often used in AltanaESP materials and content. This glossary act as a source of reference to enhance the contextual meaning and understanding of these "odd" terms and concepts. Words and/or phrases hold different meanings for each person. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to "define" the constructs used and to "place every body on the same page" when dealing with such constructs. You, the reader - most likely - have quite a different definition for, understanding of or perspective regarding such constructs... and that is fine! However, within the Altana... Electronic Support Platform (i.e. Network and System), the various terms, concepts and implications are quite specific and contextual.

Therefore, each word, term or concept - included in this glossary - serve as a "resources tool" to promote understanding and context when dealing with or exploring AltanaESP materials and contents.

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People do have different backgrounds, experiences and circumstances, which makes it impossible for any two individuals to "see" things exactly in the same light. People do interpret things differently, which often results in plenty of misunderstanding, points of view and conflicts regarding the same concept. For example: One man's terrorist can be regarded by another as a freedom fighter... e.g. Nelson Mandela?

In order to minimize uncalled for and destructive differences, we should persistently attempt to establish a common strata for all those involved in the discussion. A common strata doesn't imply "exactly the same", it rather encourage and try to achieve a similar perspective, view and synchronized thinking pattern that could serve as a constructive platform to launch productive discussion and the sharing or exchanging of ideas productively.

The 'common strata'-concept can be illustrated as follows...
To establish a workable Common Strata requires... time, patience, determination and lot's of effort!