The learning material and contents provided by the AltanaESP Network & System, frequently make use of terms and concepts that aren't all that familiar to most people. This glossary - AltanaESP Terms and Concepts - is a collection of the constructs (i.e. words, terms & concepts) often used in AltanaESP materials and content. This glossary act as a source of reference to enhance the contextual meaning and understanding of these "odd" terms and concepts. Words and/or phrases hold different meanings for each person. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to "define" the constructs used and to "place every body on the same page" when dealing with such constructs. You, the reader - most likely - have quite a different definition for, understanding of or perspective regarding such constructs... and that is fine! However, within the Altana... Electronic Support Platform (i.e. Network and System), the various terms, concepts and implications are quite specific and contextual.

Therefore, each word, term or concept - included in this glossary - serve as a "resources tool" to promote understanding and context when dealing with or exploring AltanaESP materials and contents.

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It may seem very unlikely, but our minds really do have a mind of its own. In other words, our mind reacts to the world around us without us even being consciously aware of it, let alone be able to do something about it. Our mind defences are "positioned" to protect and ensure the survival of the organism, especially in the face of danger or constant threats. Mind defences are intertwined with our "environmental noise filter" and jumps into action, long before we even become consciously aware of it.

Our mind defence system are a simple, yet very powerful and efficient way to "protect" us from constant danger and threats. Unfortunately, the mind's defence system instinctively must keep us out of harms way and is very dedicated in doing so, it would rather "kill us" than allow the "harm" to continue. This place "kill a person in order to safe his/her life" and "we are our own greatest enemy" in a completely different perspective and context.

Mind defences ain't really difficult to understand, it is a very simple and straight forward process that can be described as follows...
  • We are either exposed to or confronted by a stressor.
  • Our mind respond - or rather react - accordingly and immediately initiate the necessary psyche stress (first line of defence).
  • When we deal effectively with the stressor, the mind calms down and "removes" the stress from our psyche.
  • If the impact of the stressor continue - and we do nothing or very little about it - the mind evoke the fight or flight mechanism (second line of defence).
  • Once we are able to to resolve the stressor by either combating it (i.e. fight it) or safely remove ourselves from the vicinity of the stressor (i.e. flight), the mind relaxes and return our psyche climate to "normal" levels of functioning.
  • Unfortunately - in modern times - we are often unable to successfully deal with stressors, mainly because present day circumstances (social norms, rules, regulations and ethics) simply just don't allow us to either fight or flee. FOR EXAMPLE A Stressor... our boss at work is frustrating the living daylights out of us, with plenty of unreasonable demands... mostly just because s/he can. Fighting the boss, will definitely place our present job on the line, especially because s/he is in an authoritative position and wouldn't hesitate to use his/her "power" to protect his/her frail and sensitive ego. Flight is no option either, the economy is in a bad state of affairs, with rising inflation, spiralling unemployment and diminishing employment opportunities due to politically inspired BEE programs. Bills have to paid and we are defenceless and helpless to do anything about the stressor, but to regard it as one of life's LAB-factors. Gradually this frustrating and stressful situation (due to regular suppression’s, denial and projections) turns into constant fears and anxieties which is characteristic of the little jackal trap.
  • The mind doesn't tolerate a constant inner stressful climate - a result of persisting fears and anxieties - and promptly moves us into a "state of unconsciousness" to "safely" removes us out of harms way (third line of defence and starting point of an addictive mind).
The first and second lines of defence, is a short lived and an important physiological mechanism, which allow us to cope effectively with the many challenges, pressures, dangers and threats of our modern day environment. However, once this short-term physiological mechanism is pushed into a chronic and permanent state, the mind respond with the third line of defence - unconsciousness - that is - paradoxically - primarily self-destructive in nature, and "either/or" manifest as follows...
  • Emerging addictions ranging from social-sexual activities, religion to sport and drugs, both the legal and illegal kind.
  • A general bio-systems meltdown, which surface as burnouts.
  • A bio-computer energy systems shut-down that normally progress from minor irritations and ailments to serious conditions, such as strokes, cancer, heart attacks or syndromes such as Guillain–Barré and eventually even physical death.
  • Distorts reality by enthusiastically co-creating all kinds of phobias and psychological illusions, delusions and conspiracies (i.e. half-truths and untruths).
  • Actively promote a death wish (life is meaningless and without purpose) which eventually result in the permanent removal of the organism from harm... suicide.
Question What is the source (i.e. domino) that triggers mind defences to "jump" into action?

What we should bare in mind is that mind defences isn't provoked by certain events and stressful situations that we are confronted with, but by a dissonance that exists between our conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and unconscious mind that frequently results in the Newton's Cradle Trap. Thus, it isn't the event or situation that causes stress and eventually result in mind defences, it is the way that we interpret and think about the event or situation that initiate mind defences. Mainly because of our failure to successfully apply the 10-90% Principle. Furthermore, unhealthy mind defences are maintained by our ego firmly based on a toxic guilt-shame-fear cycle.

Key Mind defences are a much needed and vital process, which allows us to deal productively with difficulties in life... up to a certain point that is. Once this threshold is over stepped (i.e. the critical point is reached), our choices and actions becomes either irrational, counter productive or downright dangerous. Thus, our flexible coping mechanisms transform into rigid defence system.