The learning material and contents provided by the AltanaESP Network & System, frequently make use of terms and concepts that aren't all that familiar to most people. This glossary - AltanaESP Terms and Concepts - is a collection of the constructs (i.e. words, terms & concepts) often used in AltanaESP materials and content. This glossary act as a source of reference to enhance the contextual meaning and understanding of these "odd" terms and concepts. Words and/or phrases hold different meanings for each person. Therefore, it is a sensible idea to "define" the constructs used and to "place every body on the same page" when dealing with such constructs. You, the reader - most likely - have quite a different definition for, understanding of or perspective regarding such constructs... and that is fine! However, within the Altana... Electronic Support Platform (i.e. Network and System), the various terms, concepts and implications are quite specific and contextual.

Therefore, each word, term or concept - included in this glossary - serve as a "resources tool" to promote understanding and context when dealing with or exploring AltanaESP materials and contents.

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The AltanaESP Combo Pack is a balanced combination and symbiotic integration between our SWOT-analysis, Vision statement, Mission Statement, Value statement and Legacy statement. Also, mixed into this (i.e. AltanaESP combo pack), are a synchronicity between our GPS, CPD, PLP and SDS components.

In other words...
Alice: "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
The Cat: "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
Alice: "I don't much care where."
The Cat: "Then it doesn't much matter which way you go."
Alice: " long as I get somewhere."
The Cat: "Oh, you're sure to do that, if only you walk long enough."
(From Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland)
Key It is virtually impossible to "get somewhere" in life when you don't have a clear "destination" in mind.

What is the AltanaESP Combo Pack?

Using the AltanaESP combo pack is a little like using a map and compass when you're going hiking, it helps you get to reach your destination. And - like Alice - when you don't know where you are going, then it doesn't much matter which route you take. In case of the latter, don't complain when you get to that somewhere and it doesn't agree with you or you find it quite frustrating.

Why use the AltanaESP Combo Pack?
The gap between where you are at present and where you want to in future, is where you will use the AltanaESP combo pack. In other words, it acts as a frame of reference or directive when you're going from "point A" to "point B".

How does the AltanaESP Combo Pack Works?
To obtain a clearer picture of how you can use the combo pack to get results, imagine that you're going hiking and on this trip you're using four things as a basic frame of reference...
  • ...a map (i.e. your vision, mission, value and legacy statements)
  • ...the territory (i.e. circumstances, events, situations and reality checks)
  • (i.e. your SWOT-analysis parameters)
  • ...compass (i.e. your GPS)
There Are Many Types of Maps
If you've ever seen a map, you realize that there are many types of maps that you can use for different purposes. For your purposes - when you create a life map (CDP) - what you're doing is defining your own unique vision of where you want to go... starting from where you are at this moment on time. You are laying down the groundwork, building references and crafting a strategy to get to "where X marks the spot" (PLP and SDS).

Mountains and Valleys
Once you've gotten clear on the "map", it's time to take a look at the territory...
  • What are the possible obstacles that can get in the way? (i.e. threats)
  • What forces are at work that keep you going in circles? (i.e. weaknesses)
  • Is there a better way to get to where you're going? (i.e. opportunities)
  • What forces will allow you to keep going despite difficulties encountered (i.e. strengths)
It's All Up To You
If you're like most people, you face several challenges that have you stuck in any given time and place. You may be undergoing a change process in your business; on a personal level, you feel lost and don't know exactly what you want or you may be having problems in your family that's pulling it apart at the seams.

At this point, you're pretty much telling yourself to give up and then you stick your head in the sand, hoping that things will change for the better by some miraculous intervention, even when - deep down - you're are quite sure that it will not.

And that's the real problem. What you're telling yourself, is what is getting in the way. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, where we believe that we can't change the way things are.

Well guess what? Things can and do change, every day and for many people. Most problems can be solved, what you need to do is to act and think differently (We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" & "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein).

The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics
A tactic is a technique used to achieve a short-term gain (PLP). A strategy is a carefully designed plan to achieve a long-term goal (SDS). In the Altana Combo Pack, you will be integrating and applying different tactics with a long term strategy in mind.

What is the bottom line?
In order to achieve lasting change, you will need to take the strategic approach.

The What-IS-Scenario
Firstly, you need to take a bold step in how you think about yourself. Simply put, you do have the strength to make a real and lasting difference.

Once you consciously realize this, you can begin.

The what-IS-scenario forces you to apply a set of strategies and tactics that will help you answer the two questions that open the door to lasting change.
  • Is it worth it?
  • Do you have the ability to do it?
By deliberately applying these techniques to behaviours - current and desired - and by receiving guidance or facilitation to accelerate the process even further, you will make change for the better inevitable.
AltanaESP Ethics - equally applicable to all users, locksmiths, students, learners, service providers, material provider, ...etc. - are founded on the principles of...
  • FAITH, a faith in oneself, other people, human energies and the underlying goodness of man.
  • TRUST, trusting others to be as committed and dedicated as you are prepared to be yourself.
  • INTEGRITY, righteousness in all that is done, said and actions taken. Always, everywhere towards all involved.
  • RESPECT, respect for each and everyone, and valuing the unique individuality, spirit, experience, culture and contribution of each person. To draw strength from the diversities of people, while at the same time supporting personal growth and development (i.e. self-empowerment) for oneself and others.
  • TEAMWORK, teams or groups (i.e. cooperation and co-creation) are the essence of the ability to succeed in and cope with the many demands and challenges of our modern day society.
  • LOYALTY, allegiance to the good of the whole team (e.g. the society, community, nation, all humanity). Requiring that we learn from each other and share our experiences, skills and resources as best we could.
  • PROFESSIONALISM, a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, pursuing innovation, deploying our imagination, being open to new ideas and acting decisively and consistently (i.e. "walk our talk" and setting an example of gracious conduct).

It is vital that both AltanaESP Locksmiths and SP's realize and understand the basic principles that serve as a launching platform for all facilitation, support, guidance, assistance, coaching and mentoring activities within AltanaESP. The process of determining and identifying the basic (i.e. KISS) principles of facilitation, can briefly be indicated as follows...

Research finding, the available literature and plenty of case studies - in the majority of cases - identify those aspects that can go wrong or derail an individual's self-empowerment, psyche management and harmonious environmental fit. In AltanaESP context, aspects that initiate and maintain the domino effect. There is a general consensus and widely acceptable assumption, that the absence of derailing factors or triggers, will evoke the ripple effect. Unfortunately, the reality prove otherwise... neutralizing and containing derailing factors DID NOT evoke the ripple effect!

Question This reality check resulted in the following question... "When neutralizing or the absence of toxic factors don't lead to the ripple effect, what aspects will initiate the ripple effect and mobilize human energies?"

The answer to this question wasn't contained in research findings, the literature or academic materials, it surfaced when personal life experiences was studied reflected on and digested... starting with my own experiences. Without going into much detail, I will use my own life experience to describe and identify the basic principles of facilitation as applicable in the services rendered by AltanaESP.

I was happily married for 22 years with a loving and supporting family, anyhow... that is what I thought at the time. Things went well and life couldn't be any better. Suddenly I was confronted with my worst nightmare and - in about a years time - I lost 80% of my income and subsequently my family. This open the "gates of hell" and my daily companions was depression, fears, frustrations, anger, hostility, resentment, grief, guilt, feeling betrayed, helplessness, ...etc. Being a "psychologist of format", I embark on a 6 year quest to neutralise and eliminate these toxic emotions I experienced daily. During my quest I use all the tricks in the book and all kinds of "alternative" strategies and methods to get rid of this toxic emotions and feeling. I justified my position in life by blaming the socio, economic and political changes taking place in the country. I used positive thinking and meditating techniques to boost my self-confidence and self-worth. Various energy base techniques was used to counteract my inner turmoil and restore balance and equilibrium in my life. To describe my journey of "recovery" will take a 500 page autobiography, which will probably bore most people to death. Therefore, I will just focus on the bottom line of my experiences during this time...

IMPORTANT! I come to realize that despite all my knowledge, wisdom and expert scientific techniques applied, it merely neutralize the domino effect, brings about acceptance of my circumstances and restore a harmonious day to day survival existence. But it didn't restore hope in, faith and a passion for the future. The energies of my dynamic system (i.e. personal space or umwelt) was no longer in turmoil, but wasn't going anywhere either.

Then suddenly, as if by magic, everything change and the human spirit return and ignite within me the energies to enthusiastically approach and confidently confront the many challenges of the future. I was quite surprised, because in actual fact nothing has changed and most things were very much the same as when I started with my quest. I know from experience that when something like this happens, that something somewhere has changes. Question The question is WHAT? An answer to this question required that I reflect intensely on my experiences of recent years. These reflection resulted in the following answer...

Everything that I have done was valuable, helpful and assist me to "recover" and create the foundation for a spirited and fulfilling future. But the real breakthrough actually came when I...
  • establish a honest PERSPECTIVE of what and whom I really were,
  • obtain a VISION of an exciting and fulfilling future and
  • truly realize the power of my CHOICES.
Ridiculously simple, but also unbelievably powerful... the stones that ignite and release the healing and propellant energy of the human spirit, which evoke and sustain the ripple effect is perspective, vision and choices. So simple, yet so powerful! For a long time I actually doubt the validity of my conclusion, because nowhere it was reflected in any research, literature or scientific studies. Until one day, I came across a video clip of Nick Vujicic and he - almost word for word - came to exactly the same conclusion as I did. What is really amazing, is that he and I are two completely different individuals, from totally different parts of the world and with totally different backgrounds and experiences. Yet both of us identified the simple stones that evoke the ripple effect of human energies... perspective, vision and choices!

I must admit at this stage, that Nick Vujicic's life is 10 times more inspiring than mine, and his explanations of perspective, vision and choice as "the human spring" is very motivational and much more though provoking than I can ever hope to accomplish.

What gets us and keeps us going in life is... Perspective, Vision and Choice.
When assisting an individual (i.e. facilitating NOT enabling) always commence with supportive guidance and exploring an individual's umwelt. This approach is vital to understand and maintain a holistic perspective regarding the individual as a dynamic system in function. Therefore, all interactions - regardless the nature of the problem indicated - between the individual and an AltanaESP Locksmith, should - to a lesser or greater extent - adhere to the following generic procedure of suggested interactions...
  1. "Kick-off" interaction with an identified LDP which describe the person's GOALS IN LIFE in terms of a formulated vision statement, mission statement, value statement and legacy statement.
  2. When the person's Life Goals are clarified, facilitation continue with a responsible and accountable SWOT-ANALYSIS to determine the "gap" or "distance" between his/her present "position" in life and his/her desired expectations for the future.
  3. Accommodating the outcome of the SWOT-analysis, the collected results should be formulated into specific OBJECTIVES and a relevant CPD should be compiled.
  4. These identified CPD-objectives - frequently quite generalized in nature - should be structured into a specific action plan, known as the individual's PLP.
  5. An individual is then facilitated, guided and supported to make his/her PLP a reality by following a healthy and well balanced SDS, which should be audited by an authentic, reliable and valid monitoring cycle.
Facilitation, guidance and assistance rendered to the individual is based on personal (i.e. eye-to-eye) contact sessions, which can be extended by the AltanaESP EDI System to encourage SMART actions and allows for practising a SMARTER disposition. The Altana EDI system is supportive to facilitation procedures as follows...
  • Exploring the umwelt of the individual and to understand his/her formulated goals, objectives and "expectancy gaps" in life, Altana Assessments and Procedures is a sound foundation to depart from.
  • Using the individual's LDP, CPD, PLP and SDS as guiding parameters, Altana Tools for Personal Issues can be implemented to extent individual contact sessions, support and guidance.
  • The essence of involvement is helping the individual to establish and sustain an equilibrium in life by ensuring a harmonious environmental fit. This implies healthy cooperation and co-creation behaviours, which can be enhanced by using the Altana ESP Group Collaboration Tools.
  • Assisting an individual in the appropriate context, almost always require some form of tweaking to ensure the optimum delivering of services. In this regard Altana Customisable Applications can be used to accommodate individual preferences and idiosyncrasies.
  • When dealing with people it happens - from time to time - that a different approach is required in a particular situation. To accommodate these exceptions, as described by this "generic procedure", Altana Utilities can be used to fill this void.
Key The above system of collaboration is developed to amplify efficiency by maximizing individual contact and to minimize time consuming (but essential) administration and record keeping tasks by means of the technology and electronic materials.

Thus, the underlying principle of the "AltanaESP Guidance Methodology" is allowing Locksmiths and/or Service Providers to spend the majority of facilitation and guidance (i.e. support) time, energy, effort and money to assist individuals...

Motivate, encourage, support and guide individuals to build enough courage to spontaneously reach for the stars themselves.
The primary guidance function of a AltanaESP Locksmith - apart from learning, educational, training and psychological support, coaching and/or guidance - is to unlock, set free or release that was previously safely locked away, hidden from view, bolted, camouflaged, concealed, obscured, invisible or "unknown" to an individual or group of individuals requiring assistance with his/her/their quest to either establish alternative futures, restore a harmonious environmental fit or to truly heal him-/herself. Thus, an AltanaESP Locksmith guide people to responsibly deal with the occult - that which are obscured from view - and gain a better understanding within a particular context.

Illustrating the key function of an AltanaESP Locksmith

Key Altana Locksmith's primarily draw their strength from a facilitator's inclination and attitude fostering the ripple effect, rather than from an enabler's inclination and attitude, which quite often give rise to the domino effect.

Guidance and assistance methodologies followed by AltanaESP Locksmiths can be illustrated - to some extent - by "The Deathcrawl" and which essentially refer to... The core or "heart" of AltanaESP locksmith assistance, coaching and guidance as a healthy, productive and balanced Energy System-Spiral in equilibrium and directed at a harmonious environmental fit to stabilize human core concerns. The main focus of assistance and guidance is to address and deal with umwelt change blindness and the associated cognitive dissonance, which frequently materialize in one's life's as survivalist action models, which is a combined integration of life scripts to handle change in terms of our awareness, future shock, possible and alternative choices, choice digestion and effectively utilizing surfacing windows of opportunities.

Key Thus the essential - the golden thread of assistance and coaching, so to speak - is focused on the formulation and establishment of a LDP (long term goal or destiny), refine a CPD (medium term objective) by means of a responsible SWOT-Analysis, translated into a PLP (short term actions steps) and "put into practise" by an accountable SDS (ToDo list) to manifest critical outcomes SMART-ly and to respond SMARTER to life's many adversities.

Thus, in essence, AltanaESP Locksmith's can be regarded as opportunity co-creators.


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