The term Umwelt represents or indicate a personal "environment" or "surrounding world". Umwelt is our views, believes and the focus which lies at the very epicentre of our personal "world". The term is could be translated as a "self-focussed world". We (i.e. each individual person) have a different umwelt, even though we share the same physical or geographical environment and similar experiences.

Each component of our umwelt has meaning, purpose and represents our model of the world or - differently stated - our view of life. It is also our symbolic and philosophical (semiotic) world, including all the meaningful aspects of the world to us, for example... it can be water, food, shelter, potential threats or points of reference for navigation, ...etc. We constantly creates, reshapes and re-invent our own umwelt when we interacts with the world around us. Thus, our umwelt also represent our "functional circle".

The term umwelt states or indicate that our minds and the world - in which we function - are inseparable, because it is our minds that interprets our world. Consequently, the umwelt of people are different, which follows from the individuality and uniqueness of the "experience history" of every single person on this planet.

The concept of umwelt also unites all the semiotic (symbolic and philosophical) processes of an individual into a united whole. Internally, each person is the sum of its separate parts (i.e. different energy cycles) operating in functional cycles and - to survive and prosper - all these parts (i.e. our inner world) must work together co-operatively and in symbiosis with our external world. When anything (whether stress, depression or environmental change) disrupts this process, we will not operate or functions efficiently and we loose our harmonious environmental fit and become derailed, stuck or burnout. But, when our semiotic processes operates in a healthy and balanced manner, we exhibits goal-oriented or intentional behaviours and actions (i.e. self-determination).

Key Thus, UMWELT states that with a unconscious set of mental "filters" formed from our believes and experiences, each of us interprets this same world differently, hence "Truth is in the eye of the beholder".

The above does not necessarily mean to imply that there is no objective truth; rather that our access to it is mediated through our senses, experiences, conditioning, prior beliefs and plenty of other subjective factors. The individual world each of us occupies (i.e. umwelt) is our "reality tunnel" and understanding of the world around us; and we can - therefore - speak of the fundamentalist Christian reality tunnel, the conservative Moslem reality tunnel, the scientific materialist reality tunnel, the spiritual-enlightenment reality tunnel, the capitalistic bureaucratic reality tunnel, ...etc. In essence, there are as many "reality tunnels", as there are people on this planet of ours.

We are the only one responsible and in control of our umwelt. Our umwelt is also the source of our perspective on the world and the foundation of our truth.

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