Spiritual Laws are laws that direct and regulate the countless unseen forces equally as efficacious as natural laws and physical laws. Spiritual laws in essence are similar to natural laws and we can obtain a much better understanding of spiritual laws through our already acquired understanding of natural laws. A major difference between spiritual and natural laws are that natural laws deals with reality in a space and time context (i.e. past, present and future); while spiritual laws deals with reality in a phenomena context (i.e. just is), no time and space interpretations only a spiritual focus on...
Spiritual Laws are flexible, without any limits, not space nor time; everything is possible, no limitations or any restrictions. Spiritual laws is not time and space bound at all and are best understood by using our right brain abilities of reason.

Spiritual Laws are laws that govern and direct human energies (i.e. the human spring), they deal mostly with our subjective realities (mindset, perceptions, views and opinions) and always manifest in a contextual manner. Spiritual laws are responsible for the “relativity” component of our objective reality, as indicated by the all too familiar phrase of "It all depends…" Spiritual laws are immensely powerful, more than the combined power of natural laws and physical laws put together. Spiritual laws are the driving force behind co-creation, improvisation and creativity. Understanding spiritual laws and it’s synchronicity with natural and physical laws, put us in a favourable position to achieve the remarkable results that we are presently getting so used to in modern times.

There is much more to life than meets the eye... what the bleep do we know?

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