SWOT-analysis is an abbreviation for an assessment analysis to identify and determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A personal LDP and SWOT-analysis should occur interchangeably, because no SWOT-analysis has any real value without the guiding parameters of a LDP and no authentic LDP can be formulated without a relevant SWOT-analysis.

This might give rise to a potential catch-22 scenario and the question remains what was first.... the chicken (SWOT-analysis) or the egg (LDP). However, it is of little significance and only of academic value, whether a SWOT-analysis leads to a LDP (& subsequent vision statement) or vice versa. Both should be conducted in tandem. This "parallel" approach will allow any person (or company, or organization or team for that matter) to compile a list of verified KPA's to serve as a liable source to ensure an accountable and responsible formulation of a subsequent CPD, PLP and SDS.

SWOT-analysis has a twofold purpose...
  1. To determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that would allow us to manage our personal potential more productively and limit the influence or impact of blind spots and the resulting Traps of Life.
  2. Using the information collected and digested during an authentic SWOT-analysis also provide us with an opportunity to conduct a risk assessment to determine which factors, components or aspects are either nourishing or toxic for our individual growth, development, self-empowerment and psyche management strategies.

Without an accountable SWOT-analysis and responsible Life Development Plan, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to plot your our way successfully through life.


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