SDS is the abbreviation for Self Development Strategy. An individual's SDS - in contrast to his/her LDP, CPD and PLP - is the actual ToDO List or action steps (PLP) which initiate TAKING ACTIONS that would result in obtaining his/her objectives (reflected by his/her CPD) that would allow the obtaining of his/her goals (reflected by his/her LDP) to manifest the life that he/she desire.

Key Dreams without action leads to nowhere, but action without dreams turns into chaos.

Having its roots in a reliable and valid SWOT-analysis and authentic risk assessment, accumulated in an authentic list of KPA's, an individualized SDS should emphasize and indicate the following...
  • the WHO?:- For success, s/he must be the master of his/her own ship, S/HE must be in control and responsible. It is up to him/her to decide what goes into his/her mind to be accepted as truth. S/he should realize that in his/her strategy for growth, s/he is the one who has the motivation, determination and desire to move from where s/he is, to a place of contentment and inner peace... no other, nor any external factor can do the "job". The key aspects of a balanced SDS "who", is directed by a healthy locus of control, cooperation and co-creation which originate from his/her strengths and the ability to manage his/her weaknesses.
  • the WHAT?:- The what of applying his/her SDS depends on his/her own personal objectives, goals and preferences (reflected by his/her LDP/CPD). The SDS "whats" can be anything his/her heart desires, for example...
    • becoming a Doctor, Engineer, Mechanic, Teacher, Entrepreneur, ...etc.
    • being happily married.
    • becoming a great parent.
    • be an exemplary manager.
    • free from depression.
    • free from addictions.
    • free from any bad habits.
    • more self confidence.
    • more self esteem.
    • a better self image.
The above list could go on indefinitely, but whatever his/her SDS "whats", it source from and depends on his/her LDP.
  • the WHEN?:- There should be a definite date set for completion (i.e. milestones and a finish line), without a fix "when", nothing actually gets initiated or done and procrastination becomes a real danger, which in itself, can eventually become yet another derailing factor.
  • the WHERE?:- Must identify a venue (i.e. opportunity) that should be either created or prepared to allow for productive SDS execution. In this case risk assessment data is very handy to identify what to be cautious, and/or on the lookout, for.
  • the WHY?:- Establish the purpose and meaning for his/her efforts, time spent and resources utilized. Because without a personal SDS "why", s/he might quickly loose motivation and the WILL to continue, especially in the face of possible oppositions and/or obstacles.
  • the HOW?:- Indicate and establish the resources that s/he is going to use when implementing his/her SDS. Resources isn't limited to specific "approved" learning opportunities or components only, it includes anything s/he aims to use as resource (provided there is a sound reason for it) to enhance self-development and growth. Thus, anything that cultivates self-development, forms part of the SDS "how".

Important to realize An authentic, reliable and valid SDS is a key component and strategy, in our personal arsenal of "self-development weaponry", with which we can initiate, establish, develop and enhance our specialized knowledge.


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