LDP is the abbreviation of our personal Life Development Plan, which is the initial or commencing step of the AltanaESP LMS Guidance and Coaching Methodology.

All humans (regardless culture, language, age or gender; i.e. the sameness dimension) have certain expectations of and what we would like to achieve during our life time of existence on this planet (i.e. our destiny in life). Our LDP is an essential tool to direct and steer us towards what we would like to achieve or obtain in life. By purposefully implementing our life development plan (as translated into appropriate CPD's) we regain control, are able to steer our thoughts, actions and behaviours to - eventually - become able to self-direct our own path in life in a SMARTER manner.

However, attempting to formulate a meaningful LDP, becomes mere wishful thinking or "a fading new year resolution" when our LDP is not launched from an authentic SWOT-analysis and a sound accumulated point of departure sourcing from our personal vision statement, mission statement, value statement and legacy statement, which are kept meaningful and purposeful by our dreams and aspirations.

Energise and focus yourself by reaching for the stars.... Come on, what is stopping you? You can change your stars!

However, when we unconditionally cling to and entertain the belief...
  1. in an "overnight" success and quick fix solutions.
  2. that someone else has the real answers for our success.
  3. once a particular qualification is obtained that we no longer need to learn and develop ourselves.
  4. failing to achieve our expectations is someone else's fault.
  5. the only things that actually matters are our dreams themselves.

...we literally set ourselves on a life path littered with frustrations and plenty of personal disappointments.

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