Freedom (i.e. being free, freed from, cleansed, ...etc.) is a term often used by many people on this planet and they tend to associate freedom with a condition of being free...
  • with the right to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints.
  • from obligations, duties and imposed restriction.
  • from responsibility and without any obstruction or limitation and unbounded by imposed limitations.
This - however - is a huge and gross misconception and - as a matter of fact - it is a crime against humanity itself and against all of creation. We are required - at all times - to act and behave responsibly, within the parameters of group or society or community accountabilities. Life in itself do not tolerate freedom (anyway as most people tends to regard freedom) at all, we are bound by space and time; function, operate or exist within many synchronized cycles of life and are bound by...
Any attempt to obtain irresponsible freedom (i.e. the popularized point of view indicated above) from any of the natural, physical or spiritual laws; will result in...
  1. a friendly warning, when ignored, turns into
  2. a slight wrap on the fingers and if we persist, escalate to
  3. an earnest reprimanding and... when lessons are not learned or if we do not pay attention
  4. a complete and utter destruction, annihilation and/or a complete physical, mental and emotional meltdown.
The process (warning -> taping -> reprimand -> annihilation) may take some time, years, decades or even centuries; but it will definitely come... because as you sow, so shall you reap (i.e. the spiritual law of karma), if not in your life time, your children's or your children's children.

"Does it imply that there is no such a thing as freedom?" "That any kind of freedom is only an illusion, a fabrication of a delusional mind?" NO! as human we are free... providing we are functioning (individually and as a species) within the natural, physical and spiritual boundaries of creation... responsibly and accountable to all living organisms (minute, small, sizeable and gigantic) on this planet.

Question What does this all imply?

It means that freedom DO NOT imply free from obligations, responsibilities and duties towards all of creation. Freedom operates in synchronicity with cooperation and co-creation, which in combination essentially states the freedom to...
  • utilise resources for whatever purpose necessary, without restricting the freedom of others (i.e. people, animals and plants).
  • study how creation works, and to adapt it to our needs... responsibly and accountably (i.e. principle of co-creation).
  • distribute ideas and concepts to help our fellow man, without forcing them in unwise directions (i.e. utilizing the power of reason, the power of sacrifice... and limit the power of brutality, to use only in exceptional cases).
  • improve on the creations of others, and release improvements to others so that the whole community may benefit from it (i.e. sustain abundance as opposed to scarcity, of which open source is an excellent modern day example).
Key Freedom is our humble contribution to make the world a better place for all that is living on this organic space ship of ours. Use it wisely... very, very wisely!

We are free to use what our planets has to offer... BUT, we are NOT free to harm or destroy the symbiotic existence of all that is Created... man, plant, animal, insect, reptile, bird, fish, ...etc. With our freedom comes great RESPONSIBILITY!

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