Making choices or taking decisions has a dynamic or life of it's own, there is no stead fast rules (i.e. set of parameters) that we can use or consult to determine whether our choices was/is "correct/incorrect". There is a kizillion number of variables that ultimately determine the success (efficiency) of our choices made. When we have to make choices - as a prerequisite for actions - the variables influencing our choice can range widely between...
Due to the above mentioned immense amount of variables, it is virtually impossible to determine in advance whether our decisions are going to be "successful". Because, quite often, we cannot realistically check the alternative "future" - when we take a different decision - of what could have been. Life is no virtual computer game with the option of "3 life's" to correct possible mistakes. We have but one chance... and then we have to deal with and live with the consequences.

The only way in which we can remotely assess whether our choices was "successful", is by monitoring our progress and evaluate whether our actions taken (i.e. responses) brings as closer to our goal or taking us further away from our goal in life. That is... if we had a personal goal to start of with in the first place! Therefore it is vitally important - on the one hand - to establish a goal as soon as realistically possible in life and - on the other - to use our emotions and feelings experienced on a daily basis as a barometer to provide us with feedback on whether we are moving closer to (being productive) or further away (being unproductive) from our goal (i.e. our purpose, meaning & destiny) in life; regardless whether such a goal is either personal, professional or community oriented.

The above - at best - can be quite confusing to determine whether our choices is productive or not, but the following can make matters even worse...
Keeping the above in mind, we need to acutely realize that it is all the choices made in the past that created the opportunities of the present... and it is choices that we make today that will shape our opportunities for the future.

Important Thus, it is not our opportunities that allows us to make choices; BUT our choices that creates our opportunities!

The past set the climate for our choices in the present and the future create expectation... the hope and faith which are based on our dreams. Thus, our present choices are ALWAYS influenced by both our past experiences and future expectation.

In reality, despite the above confusing choice dynamics as described - and providing that we thoroughly know ourselves - making choices in life are actually very, very simple and straight forward... it is actually common sense! That is, when we are able to avoid the incident-isolation trap.

Life is a series of personal choices!

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