The AltanaESP feature "Continuing Professional Development" (CPD) - sourcing from an individual's personal LDP - allows clients (i.e. learners, students and users) to accept the responsibility to personally compile, initiate, track and report on various learning activities that they were (i.e. the past), are (i.e. the present) and plan to become involved with (i.e. the future).

The CPD is a tracking feature for every possible learning activity conceivable. Thus, tracking CPD activities aren't restricted to on-line or AltanaESP activities only, all learning events could be tracked via the CPD Report module. The CPD feature is primarily a learning or mastering tracking facility to generate reports regarding...
  • Learning Objectives (e.g. Understanding how I apply my Locus of Control).
  • Development and Growth Needs (e.g. Master my feelings of helplessness and frustration).
  • Type of Learning Activity (Selected by drop down to categorize the learning activity type e.g. certificate, diploma, degree, reading, seminar or workshop).
  • Learning Activity Planned (A brief description and indication of the actual learning or mastering activity which WILL be undertook e.g. digest and answer questions regarding my present root chakra belief system).
  • Start Date of Activity (i.e. The start date for objective completion).
  • Due Date of Activity (i.e. The due date for objective completion).
  • End Date of Activity (i.e. When the status is changed to "Objective Met" by the client, the activity is considered ended and the end date is automatically set using the system's time and date function).
  • Status (The present status of Objective as either Not Started, Started or Objective Met).
  • Time Taken (The approximate length of time spent on the activity to nearest 15 minutes e.g. 1hr 15min).
This CPD-facility should be integrated with an individual's PLP to "track in tandem" an individual's overall learning progress (i.e. his/her CPD) as obtained, achieved or mastered through specific learning activities (i.e. his/her personal PLP).

Furthermore, AltanaESP Locksmiths can set up customized CPD years and various activity types, and view their client's CPD Reports accordingly for monitoring, evaluation and SMART correction, if and when necessary. The CPD Report can also be printed to act as a discussion document during "eye-to-eye" and personal contact sessions.

CPD tracking and report is a vital aspect to ensure effective guidance, appropriate facilitation and useful support which can be indicated as follows...
  • An accountable and reliable SWOT-analysis results in a directive and guiding LDP which is a accumulation of a person's vision statement, mission statement, value statement and legacy statement (i.e. his/her Goals in Life and long termed in nature).
  • Sourcing from the LDP - which may or may not contain many areas of focus - an individual formulate a specific CPD to track and report on a specific identified objectives which is normally medium termed.
  • When an objective is determined (i.e. formulated CPD), such an objective should be obtained through medium and short term action steps which in turn is reflected by his/her personalized PLP.
  • All of the above planning efforts should be translated and executed (i.e. DO IT!) via the implementation of a relevant SDS or commonly known as a ToDo list or next steps of self-development.
The above indicated the "place" and "position" of a personal CPD in the AltanaESP LMS Guidance Methodology procedure. But, a personal CPD is much more than that. An individualized CPD should be compiled - in accordance with a personal LDP and SWOT-analysis combination - to contain the following aspects...
  1. Life areas to manage (i.e. KPA's) and aspects of focus or concern identified as...
    • actions and behaviours that require attention.
    • skills, abilities and competencies to address.
    • feelings and emotions to consider.
    • perceptions and mindset to deal with.
    • action models and unconscious motives to check.
  2. Determine threatening derailing factors by...
    • identifying the key domino resulting in the present stuckness experience.
    • explore and describe the indicated domino effect in terms of the "problem matrix" as follows...
      • feelings and/or emotions involved.
      • prevailing thought patterns.
      • accompanied behaviour and actions (i.e. reactions).
      • skills lacking to productively deal with identified derailments.
      • possible influence or impact of unconscious factors (i.e. environmental noise filter).
  3. Using identified Life GOALS (i.e. LDP) and set specific CPD OBJECTIVES which could be translated into a sound PLP that eventually could culminate in Specialized Knowledge.

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