An addiction is a recurring compulsion by a person to engage in some specific activity, despite it's harmful (unhealthy) consequences to his/her health, mental state, social life and/or spirituality. The term addiction - generally speaking - is mainly reserved for alcohol and drug addictions, but it is also applicable to other compulsions as well, such as...
  • gambling (compulsive),
  • overeating,
  • computer and internet addictions,
  • sport,
  • religion,
  • money,
  • sexual thoughts and activities,
  • workaholic, etc.
Thus, addictions are any activity that reoccur repeatedly in order to cope with a reality that is constantly experienced as stressful and uncomfortable. For example: Rather than to deal with and resolve confrontations at home, a person would spend more hours at work (normally using the excuse of a demanding job) than to face the "obstacles" at home.

Addictions in this sense are one of the final "defence" mechanisms of the mind. Addictions in modern times can be either hard addictions (obvious, noticeable especially to others and outright damaging to the individual with an addiction) or soft addictions (subtle, not easily recognizable, much more damaging because of the veneer "covering" the actual problem... for example being or acting supportive to mask withdrawal or maintain plenty of social interactions to hide feelings of loneliness).

All addictions is a method that we use to remain unconscious and deny the harsh realities of our every day existence. Thus, addictions is our chosen or preferred technique to develop, sustain and remain "unconscious" (i.e. being unaware of... or suppressing, denying and ignoring the truth), because... when we are unaware of it... we don't have to deal with it and the problems that we experience normally tends to be somebody else's fault... which often establish the following addiction cycle...
Graphical representation of the unhealthy addiction cycle.
... that - invariably - results in a self-destructive guilt-shame-fear cycle.

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