This group of assessments instruments & batteries specifically aims and encourage people to establish a personal (i.e. individual responsibility acceptance) monitoring cycle with its goal to enrich and enhance the inner psyche life of a person.

These assessment instruments and/or assessment batteries has as its primary goal to assist, guide and coach people towards a balanced and realistic perspective and mind-set with regards to themselves... thus, in essence... what is my truths about myself.

  • In our modern society Day Dreaming is regarded as irrational and not very mature. However there is one truth that is an undeniable fact... Man eventually becomes what he thinks... and this implies - right at the root and foundation of self-expectations - what he is dreaming about.

    Have some fun with your dreams and see what direction you can go in. Record your dream or dreams and REMEMBER nothing can restrict your daydreaming... not money, not opportunities, nor time.