Exploring different job opportunities and possible career options, with the aim of planing for a future career strategy, frequently is quite a confusing and challenging task.

In modern times there are many different job opportunities and a wide variety of alternative career futures. To worsen matter, the number and combinations of various career possibilities tends to change on a regular basis, as a result of rapid technological developments and advancements.

To successfully navigate - through this maze of possible job opportunities and career alternatives - you need to initiate and establish a strategy to systematically collect and digest career information and/or job opportunities presently available. This can only be done efficiently, when you apply self-knowledge and self-understanding as "parameters" to guide and direct your career or job exploration activities and efforts.

Get Going! Assessments are a number of different assessment instruments which are compiled and developed to assist you, when you wish to initiate and/or establish a responsible self- and career exploration strategy.
  • A number of different personality, interest and ability questions are employed to "filter" and assist you in identify your primary prospecting archetype, which could be any one of the following...
    • Helper,
    • Persuader,
    • Creator,
    • Thinker,
    • Organizer and
    • Doer.
    Each of the above prospecting archetypes are described and explained in terms of...